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Thread: HELP, adivse me on how to transport PS3?

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    carapalida Guest

    Question HELP, adivse me on how to transport PS3?

    hi, i will be moving overseas and need advise on how i should pack/transport my ps3 please? have any of you done this?

    should i pack the ps3 really good and CARRY IT ON WITH ME ON THE PLANE? or should i pack it really good and PLACE IT IN MY SUITCASE AND DISPATCH the suitcase?

    i still have the original box but i was hoping not to use it... i don't want to draw too much attention and keep things less bulky.

    what do you suggest? any parts of the ps3 that i have to be really carefull when transporting?

    thank you all.

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    aldostools Guest
    PS3 has fragile components inside and you don't know if the airport will drop your suitcase. My suggestion is that if possible carry it with you.

    If you can wrap it in some way that it can resists a potential drop inside your suitcase, then at least carry the internal HDD with you.

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    pacific808 Guest
    When I use to go back and forth from Hawaii and Colorado I would always carry my ps3 on the plane with me. What I did to carry it was I bought one of the carrying cases that you can find at any gamestop or EB games. I know it might seem like something bulky and heavy but once your on the airplane it easily fits in the overhead bins. And plus the carrying case that I bought doesn't say ps3. It says GPAK. So it just looks like another carry on bag.

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    carapalida Guest
    thank you all for responding. i really appreciate all of your responses. yeah i am thinking that i should carry it on with me on the plane instead of dispatching the bag. i did see those GPAK bags, i actually have one of those for my fat ps2.

    but does anyone know if they will let me take that in a US airline? because a while back after the 9/11 attack they were makign everyone dispatch their electronics, including ipods.

    i should call the airline too.... just in case huh?

    by the way i will be moving from the US to Brazil.

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    pacific808 Guest
    Well when I went they never bothered me about it. I declared it as a laptop. I have been through security with it about over 8 times at 3 different major airports and they never asked me to open it. Most major airplanes dont ask to open your laptop bags anymore as they do a new test where they take a swab and rub your bags with it and feed it into a machine that gives a readout of what kind of chemicals and materials the bag contains. If they see anything suspicious then they will ask to open your bag.

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