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    [Answered] Help with AC3 on Kmeaw please?

    ok so i downloaded the duplex version and i downloaded the eboot patch i'm on kmeaw and i don't know exactly what to do with it haven't patched any of the newer games i haven't used my cfw since they before they started patching 3.6+ games thanks!
    Best Answer - Posted by windrider42:

    that error is an eboot error, so unless you just got a bad fix. There is a few out there.

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    This guide is for N0DRM patches but may still be of use:

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    I was about to add something here... but the link in the above post leads to a very good guide ... follow it and you'll be patching and playing like there is no tomorrow ... I know I am!

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    the eboot fix i downloaded has part 1 thur 4 which one am i supposed to use? does it even matter?

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    Sounds like they are .rar files, meaning you will need to download them all then extract (unpack) them to get the files needed.

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    ok i installed them like the guide said and when i went to launch game i get a error like 80010007 i made a empty iso folder like from the other post so i dont know what i did wrong using a older version of multiman which i dont think should matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by windrider42 View Post
    The 3.55 fix should have an eboot.bin,ac3mp_e_ps3_f.self, UplayBrowser.ppu.self and param.sfo
    You will place those in USRDIR except for Param.sfo
    Also need ASSASSIN_ISO in USR directory.
    yea put all those in those folders and i still get a error boots back to xmb

    800010007 error everytime and i put all files where they r supposed to go not sure if im booting it right im using newest version of multiman and i press load it goes to xmb and it shows the ac3 as a bootable cd click it then back to xmb wtf
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    Ok had it right first time your on 3.55. The 3.55 fix has eboot.bin, ac3mp_e_ps3_f.self, UplayBrowser.ppu.self which you put in USRDIR it also has param.sfo

    So just replace those then create ASSASSIN_ISO in USRDIR

    In multiman Press SELECT + X or in options on game, choose bd mirror.
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    bd mirror is on by default

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    Are you using the latest multiman?

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