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    MURTADA14 Guest

    help with 80010009 error?

    I have download some ISO games and converter it by ps3iso2jb. After placing a game show an error occurred during the start operation 80010017.

    Then someone helped me said: I need to replace EBOOT file with jailbreaked one.


    And now i have replaced it (in Burnout.Paradise game).

    After placing a game show an error occurred during the start operation 80010009.

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    dragonsan Guest
    im not really familiar with the ripping programs but from all the games i have downloaded non of them was in iso format.

    every each has been zipped and splitted and after the unpack i had 2 folder PS3_GAME and PS3_UPDATE

    the correct format placeing the game in the folder is


    for eg

    /dev_hdd0/game/OMAN46756/GAMEZ/Batman (can be custom name, i use Game name + game code ) and in Batman u must have the PS3_GAME and PS3_UPDATE folders.

    Have you tried to run the game with or without a disc in the ps3?

    after you install open manager it will ask for to update eboot.bin

    some games cannot run without a disc in the ps3, try that one too.

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    MURTADA14 Guest
    But my ps3 can't read discs

    I will try it when i go to my friend

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    dragonsan Guest
    then its up to the correct folder structure, the correct payload and open manager install.

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