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Thread: Hello I am lower then a Newbie ;)

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    Leonart82 Guest

    Red Face Hello I am lower then a Newbie ;)

    Hi there I am Lennart.

    And I have no experience with PC's I am a console gamer. I have won a PS3 but with only 40 gb so it is not that powerful I have been told.

    But never the less I have been told that it is possible to play old snes games on your PS3, the big question for me now is, I have no clue on how to make it happen or where to go to for help. And baby steps please, this is the first time I am actually using a keyboard for my own interests.

    But is there anyone who could help me with this?

    Also will there ever come a PS2 emulator for my PS3 40gb? If not what am I going to do with 200 PS2 games I cant use?

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    kujiraldine Guest
    Actually, the only PS2 emulator for PS3 is called.... PSN. The 40gb owner always need to buy (again) their favorite PS2 games ... Now you know why the PS3 40gb has a lower price. But I think we will have a PS2 emu for PS3, soon or later.

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    Leonart82 Guest
    Thanks. I hope it will come soon... I truly do. But what about the Super nintendo emulator?

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    kenshin33 Guest
    no way.

    the first tow version of the consol (the 20 and 60) had EE (Emotion Engine) hence full hardware support for PS2 titles. then the 40 and 80 replaced theme, the 80 had sofware emulation (wich works just fine for moste ps3 titles, first hand tried ookami FF12 Metal gear 2/3) the 40 one never had and never will support ps2 games. and since this august all support for ps2 titles on any consol has been removed.

    so unless the consol is made to execute unsigned code (cracked in other ugly words) there's no way in hell to do it.

    ref wikipedia page on PS3.

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