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    modiste Guest

    heavy rain update help?

    hi guys,

    first off, im running a 60g ps3 (now 250) with 3.41 firmware, using hermes psgroove on my maximus avr usb 1.0

    i read in the compatibility list that HEAVY RAIN is compatible if played from the internal and external drive. and the note says: Uninstall all pre-PSJailbreak content from HDD (im not sure i get this..)

    i wanted to use the move controller, so when i popped the game in, it ask me for the 2.0 update (the move compatibility update) everything installs ok.

    my problem now is that i runs with the disc in. from the internal drive, it freeze automatically when i click on the disk icon. and from the external drive, when i click the disc icon an error message ask me to insert the heavy rain disc...

    can anyone help :S

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    smotheredhope Guest
    Try Ftping to your ps3 and replace the eboot.bin from the directory dev_hdd0/game/whatever the title id is, example BCUS9841(little big planet in this case) /PS3_GAME/USRDIR and, with the one that your back up manager made located on internal or external.

    Example for internal hardrive dev_hdd0/game/Laun12345/GAMEZ/BCUS9841/PS3_GAME/USRDIR on external it would be PS3/GAMEZ/BCUS9841/PS3_GAME/USRDIR.

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    smerf1 Guest
    The move update does not currently work with jailbroken PS3's.

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    smotheredhope Guest
    Ok good to know. I had seen the put game disc screen when i updated dead rising 2 and I solved it by replacing the eboot bin.

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