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Thread: Heavy Rain Help greatly appreciated!

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    BigNoke Guest

    Heavy Rain Help greatly appreciated!

    Okay, I am kind of new to this scene still. I would greatly appreciate some help with this annoying game, Heavy Rain.

    I have:
    Slim 120gb PS3
    Firmware 3.41
    Ps3break USB Dongle on Latest Hermes v4 Hex
    2 TB External HDD Western Digital

    So I recently formatted the PS3 and have no open manager, no backup manager, nothing. Completely blank.

    On my External HDD I have Batman Arkham Aslyum which works perfectly. I installed Heavy Rain to my internal HDD and then installed the game data off the retail disc. I didn't update to 2.0 (move update).

    What is the best PKG to use to play Backup Games?
    How can I get this game to work? ( Patched mode? )
    Does Heavy Rain require a RETAIL DISC in the console? ( Not the Heavy Rain Disc)
    Can I update it to 2.0?

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    jspudz Guest
    I just played all the way through Heavy Rain and had zero issues. Everything you did is fine, and should work as is. I used the original backup manager and the original payload and it booted right up on my internal drive.

    Just make sure to not install any updates and you should be good to go. What is not working on your setup? As I see it, you should be good to go.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I swear on Gaia, but if your games works fine, don't touch anything.

    Never change a running System.

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    BigNoke Guest
    I don't know. I copied it from the game in Open Manager 1.161B. Then I left the Retail disc in the console and ran it. Installed the GAME DATA FILES from the Retail disc. Ejected the disc after installation. Ran the game from Open Manager and all I get is a BLACK SCREEN. It sits there for like 3 minutes before I just lose my mind and exit it.

    I intalled 2.0 which showed the move screen then sat at the black screen as well. I reformatted the HDD reinstalled and tried like 4 times. Tried from external internal and nothing... I will reformat the HDD in retail mode when I get home. Then restart the console in JB mode copy the game with GAIA to the internal. Install the game files from the disc then eject and try again. SO I DONT NEED A RETAIL GAME IN THE CD DRIVE???

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    EiKii Guest
    well try a game in drive it takes seconds to test, i always have a disc in, and my HR is updated with move and it works fine,

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    BigNoke Guest
    Aight i'll try when I get home... I hate work lol. I want to get it working ASAP!!

    Okay. So I got home installed the game on my internal HDD. Didnt load still... Then i decided lemme try it with a disc. So i put infamous in the console and it works. Thank god now I can get more games from gamefly lol. Waiting on uncharted 2 ATM. Got batman arkham asylum. Gotta love Gamefly. I do this with WII games to.

    Thanks guys for the help. BTW i use GAIA now. It is nice!!

    ALSO: Installed 2.00 for the game as we speak. Hoping the game will still work after this.

    ALSO: Ordered a NYKO Slim media hub with remote. Hope it works good I am tired of unpluggin my HDD to plug in my Flash Drive n back n fourth. Also ordered a PS3 Slim G-Switch for the power so i dont have to unplug and plug it back in

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