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    [UnAnswered] HDMI to DVI question

    Hi peeps,

    I got my PS3 on launch day, and been using it since, excellent machine. I run it through my old 32 inch widescreen TV, which is good but it's not HD ready, somone mentioned to me that most PC monitors are of a higher Definition than the standard tvs are, well I noticed I had a DVI socket on my Flatscreen monitor, "Excellent" I thought, got myself an HDMI to Dvi conector which arrived today. Plugged it all in, switched the PS3 on, it detected I had plugged in a new HDMI cable and asked if I wanted to switch to that so I did, and... NOTHING!

    I have tried everything I can think of, my screen does flicker and it auto switches from analog to digital when I switch on PSP, but it says 'Digital signal error'


    With the fv:50-ohz in red,so I imagine thats the error one ? is there any settings on the PS3 I have to change ?

    My monitor is an oldish one I presume now it's not compatible, but if any Genius can find a way round this I would appreciate some help, here's the monitor specs if it helps:-

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    I beleive your monitor is 1024 x 768, I think 720 p is 1280 x 720, so it's most likely changing to a resolution that your monitor can't handle, try choosing that resolution on your monitor on a PC and see if you get the same error.

    I beleive you may also have problems in the future with HDCP which is a form of copy protection for TV's that monitors probably don't support.

    I am using a 32" AWA LCD bought at Big W in Australia and I can't use the HDMI -> DVI because the overscan cuts a large proportion off the image on either side, so I have to revert back to component cables, if anyone knows how to reduce the overscan either on the PS3 or this monitor that would be greatly apreciated as well...

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