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    PS3 Directions Buttons [UnAnswered] Hdmi to dvi-d to vga PS3 setup

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    i have a ps3 20gig, i wanted to know if this setup was possible. my infocus in24 does not have an hdmi setup in the back of my projector. i currently have purchased sony's s video cables so i can play my ps3 on my projector. my current resolution is @480i. I was wondering if i was to purchase an hdmi to dvi-d cable for the ps3 and attach an adapter to that (dvi analog monitor adapter that has vga on the other end to hook up to the projector). can this setup work? the highest resolution im looking for is @ least 720i if this can work. If anyone can help this would be great, the projector is an//wwnfocus In24 dlp projector.

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    you will need to check that the protector is HDCP compatible, if not, you need to buy something like HDFury, which rips the HDCP off the signal, and gives you in D-SUB 15 (VGA).

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    I looked the specifications of ur projector. It supports 720p and 1080i. I also noticed that it has support up to 1024x768. I don't understand why it can support 1080i which is 1920x1080.

    Anyway because it doesn't support HDCP you can't use HDMI to DVI-D adaptor. As your projector has only an HD15(vga) input you must use either Mayflash's Vga box + component ps3 cables or use HD FURY + a dvi to hd15 adaptor. What to choose?

    I suggest you use the Mayflash box. It's very cheap, it supports 480p, 720p, and 1080p/i and it's high quality. But if you want insane quality buy the HD Fury.

    I don't think it will make many difference. I use mayflash vga box, and the picture is clear.

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    Not likley. Your InFocus In24 can display a maximum resolution of 800x600 so even if you were able to get a HD signal through the best you could hope for would be 720x480 (480p). 720p requires 1280x720.

    A quick search here at PS3News would have also revealed HDFury which has been announced and discussed before here on the forums. See http://www.ps4news.com/forums/site-n...sed-70834.html

    Supporting 720p through the Fury on your rig however is also unlikely, at best you would lose some of the picture on left/right side (cropped) at worst you won't get a picture at all.

    I'd try and exchange/trade-in the In24 for a proper HD projector, you have a PS3 which is capable of 1080p output, thats 1920x1080, just think of the detail you are missing in some games and most BR movies.

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    You need something to strip away the HDCP protection like the yet to be released HDFury or something like the gameswitch ps3-s201 before you can convert the dvi into analogue signal.

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    he can use the component with the mayflash box as i suggested. no need to mess up with digital and HDCP

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    Your projector surely accepts a Component imput trhough a VGA adapter. Most projectors accept this setup, I have it running on a Viewsonic, and surely your Infocus should accept it as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evo8 View Post
    Not likley. Your InFocus In24 can display a maximum resolution of 800x600 so even if you were able to get a HD signal through the best you could hope for would be 720x480 (480p). 720p requires 1280x720.
    The specifications in the Infocus official site, say that it accepts 720p. As i said is unlikely don't supported but maybe your projector downscales.

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    thanks for the quick repliess... i will look into that Mayflash's Vga box that storm53 mentioned or hdfury. you guys are great, good to know that this site helps you out... i 'll update my progress when i straighten this out.

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    You don't need to buy a VGA box, you just need a cable with component on one side and VGA on the other end. I have the PS3 component cable connected to my receiver, and the cable I mentioned connected to my projector and works flawlessly.


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