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    [UnAnswered] HDMI color problem


    I have a big problem with my official hdmi cable (on video projector toshiba TDPMT700) there is so much grey color on the screen and impossible to solve it on projector settings (black is grey) i don't have this problem on my component cable !

    does someone has the same problem ? is there a way to solve it ?

    thanks !

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    Apr 2005
    Are you talking in regards to the PS3 which is hooked up to the projector via the official HDMI cable? Just to clarify as you didn't mention and this could help those who may have a solution to your problem.

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    my computer is on hdmi too and i don't have this problem

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    Hmm, there is an option on the XMB under settings for a Cross Colour Reduction feature, turning that on or off may help.

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    Also there are color adjustment options on your projector, particularly the gamma settings (Those are on the second menu on mine Optoma EP719 and run from 1-9 (they don't seem to follow a pattern me = 8))
    Hope that is useful to you, also the reason you don't have that problem on the component is because each input has it's individual setting, and some have more than others.

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