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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] HDFury info needed on the DVD upscaling

    Need more info on this device... I have a 4 year old Sony WEGA Trinitron TV... It is HD and only has 480p and 1080i... I have RGB (red, green, blue) input only for HD. Will your device allow me HD but only if you can use the hdmi cable... I cant use it so I miss out on that deal... Will your device allow me to take advantage of that?

    what all will it allow me to do ?

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    HD-fury isn't what you need. I suggest you buy a new HD TV that supports 1080p. Otherwise use buy PS3 component cables (don't buy expensive ones, cheap do their work) or if you have ps2 component cables, still work too.

    The bad is that you can't display 720p and many ps3 games don't support 1080i so say good-bye to Resistance Fall of man and other games!

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