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Thread: HDD specs inside a CHECH 2104A

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    Dadfdon Guest

    HDD specs inside a CHECH 2104A


    I would like to know what sort of 120GB is inside the CHECH 2104A, is it one with 5400rpm or 7200rpm?

    Also if it would be a HDD with 5400rpm, is it possible to switch it with a HDD with 7200rpm? Would it for example reduce loadings times even more when loading games from HDD on a with the backup manager?

    Thank you.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Always an 5400rpm inside the PS3 I bought.

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    Xhinde Guest
    Afaik: Every PS3 has a 5400 RPM. You CAN put in a 7400. But the loading time wont change at all, they even tried it with an SSD. No change in loading time. And a 7400 RPM gets a little hotter. So your system could overheat. It just isnt worth trying imho.

    Stick with a 5400 RPM

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