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    Having problem with playTV when I run JB help?

    Everytime I boot my Ps3 with the jailbreak stick on, I have issues with playTV. It loads fine, but i get no image.

    I need to reboot the console, and not press the eject button.

    Any ideas how to fix it?

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    Apr 2005
    i had this problem before but since using the latest payload (hermes v4 spoof 3.50+PSN) it has worked perfectly fine since.. so if you haven't already, try updating your jb device if you can.

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    I have an amazebreak, I don't think they've released a 3.50 spoof yet.

    Is it possible to use some other bin on this device?

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    Apr 2005
    as i dont have an amazebreak i searched and found this update .bin file. it just said online update patch amazebreak v4 from the site (they might be newer around).

    hope it works.

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