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Thread: Has Backup Manager v1.1 with PS2, NTFS, etc features released?

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    darthsnake Guest

    Has Backup Manager v1.1 with PS2, NTFS, etc features released?

    Some days back the Official PS Jailbreak announced some new features like

    NTFS support
    MKV support
    PS1 and PS2 backup games support
    and many more things

    they said it will be released before 15th September but have seen no more news or updates

    has it been released, if then will it come to PSgroove?

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    aamir007 Guest
    They never specifically said on their site that it would contain NTFS Support and any other support, it only said there would be a few update in reliability they probably end up brushing up the current Backup Manager v2 that allows you to play back ups without inserting a disc and say its our work like everyone else is doing.

    I dont see the PS Jailbreak team releasing NTFS as this news is pretty old. They said this on the 8th.

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    darthsnake Guest
    i am talking about this backup manager v1.1 not v2 that was released by hermes

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    aamir007 Guest
    Yes i know you are. The article pretty old right now and the PS JB team are pretty quiet at the moment so time will tell they could be working on it. It would be an accomplishment if they fulfil all the things in the rumoured specifications.

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    No, if it was it'd be in the Site News though. Thread closed.

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