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Thread: Has anyone tried installing the re5 move patch?

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    delt31 Guest

    Has anyone tried installing the re5 move patch?

    Here is the patch:

    It's 1.01 link

    Before I try has anyone already try installing this and paling via backup manager?

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    patholi Guest
    it doesn't work... Well, it will install, but the game won't start anymore (gives out an error code)...

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    saviour07 Guest
    could you elaborate on what the error code is e.g. 80029945 etc.

    There is a list of known error codes here:

    which may help is resolving the issue.

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    patholi Guest
    the error code was 80010009, which is weird though, because it indicates a problem with a bluetooth headset

    I've found a possible solution, but i don't know if it really works:

    1. Download the retail move-patch for BLUS30491 and install it with the demo-installer.
    2. Replace the eboot.bin in dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30491/USRDIR/ with the eboot.bin which is stored in the bluray-disc.

    After that, the game should start...Try it, i hope it'll work...

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