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    Yasanaki Guest

    Has anyone got UFC 2010 to run?

    Hi all,

    Have anyone manage to load UFC 2010?
    I have tried various method;

    1) BM1
    2) Hermes v2 payload with BM2 and Open manager
    3) using OM copy to external then copy back to internal hdd

    All return the same result, game detected in XMB but screen stays black. Nothing.

    No game data installed, game disc in drive.

    Game size is 40.78gb

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    mikerock98 Guest
    UFC 2010 works with any backup manager or Open Backup Manager using psgroove 1.0 +

    ONLY off the internal HD the game is too big to go on an external

    and are sure about the game size... if i remember it was something like 42.79 GB... i'm not so sure, but i know the game works... it was the first game i JB with.

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    2High4U Guest
    You can delete the 4gb plus files and it should still boot did for me i also backed it up with OM_BG_Jurai_oct3_344pm or pretty mangerv2 http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...le-113537.html to external and deleted the .666xxx whichever number they were can't remember.

    if you can find them and delete them then mount from external hdd with NZHawks_Awesome_Mountpoint_Manager_v1 http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=21910 that worked for me it wouldn't load from the backup manager had to use mountpoint i think the big files were just the ps3 exclusive fights hope that helps.

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    Yasanaki Guest
    Thank you, will try that when i get home.

    Would you be able to check the original backup size? I see the compatibility list as 35+GB while mine is 40.78gb.

    Not sure if i had issues with files...

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    2High4U Guest
    Yeah i can check but i'll have to back it up again didn't keep the orignal i'll let you know when it finishes takes ages but i think it was nearly 50 gigs it was in the high 40's but i had a quick look at the backup i took the files out of and its says its around 14gb but it booted from external with mountpoint manager pretty manager says its a split file still and won't boot it not sure about backupmanager 1.00.

    Don't know if it will affect things further on in the game but it seemed to play fine and i played a few matches it just took a while to install the game data thought it was freezing but it ended up finishing.

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    vstace Guest
    FWIW, I ripped from org. disk to internal with original BM and Blackcat 1.1 HEX, and it worked fine.

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