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    [Answered] Has anyone got any PS3 DLC to work yet?

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    Has anyone got any DLC to work yet? Or PSN games that aren't on the Debug list?

    I know some people need a debug unit to make PSN games work, but is it just me, but there is hardly anyone with these units.
    Best Answer - Posted by xameleon:

    on the home folder you can find the folders of your users with names 000001,000002 etc
    on this folders there is a folder with name EXDATA

    HERE you can find all the activation keys from your user. i have 2 ps3. i try to delete the game "flower" and the key from my exdata folder a make a new user and i transfer the key from my second ps3 on this folder it works, try it and tell me if it works for you too!

    if it works i can share all my psn activations, if not there is no reason.

    BTW the version from your psn must have THE SAME REGION.

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    Not that i know of.. from what i understand they need to be decrypted and no one has figured that out yet.

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    Yeah I read that a couple of days after I posted this. Hopefully, someone is working on it

    I'm itching to play Tumble and Planet Mini Golf Move (I already have Planet Mini Golf, just need a decrypted Move update lol)

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    what if you start your ps3 normal and run the game with internet connected? can't you get the update then?

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    No because you would have to update your PS3's FW to 3.50... wouldn't you?

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    Nope - you don't need to have latest FW or been logged into PSN to download game updates However - JB-games would usually fail to install the updates this way as the devices are being redirected.

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    Ahh right, so everything should be ok if I don't have my device plugged in?

    I bought Planet Mini Golf before I jailbroke.

    Would the same apply to legit retail games aswell?

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    it should work, just be careful if he asks you to update fw, but i'm running my jb ps3 with internet but no psn, no problems, still figuring about updates tho, trying to make something useful, only success so far was to update gta with retail update to get trophys, hehe confirmed working at least ^^

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    Retail / full version games (e.g. not via JB) will update jsut fine - no problem there.

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    That's awesome, I didn't realise it would work lol

    Hopefully, there will be a program out soon enough to unlock PSN games, so we can all get the full versions


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