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Thread: Has anyone got any PS3 DLC to work yet?

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    BwE Guest
    lol rent the game and update/backup with that

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    enohand Guest
    i'm not home, so i can't try, but i have bough & installed Red faction, with the JB enabled is that game or anyother game downloaded from PSN playable?

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    xameleon Guest
    on the home folder you can find the folders of your users with names 000001,000002 etc
    on this folders there is a folder with name EXDATA

    HERE you can find all the activation keys from your user. i have 2 ps3. i try to delete the game "flower" and the key from my exdata folder a make a new user and i transfer the key from my second ps3 on this folder it works, try it and tell me if it works for you too!

    if it works i can share all my psn activations, if not there is no reason.

    BTW the version from your psn must have THE SAME REGION.

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    devilinops Guest
    ok i understand this works for update offline since i use to do it before i gave in and lost otheros but what of games like Chou Jigen Game: Neptune that have a dlc tab in the store menu can it get free dlc from there with out going to psn? cuz i got Chou Jigen Game: Neptune came in the mail last week but now i can't get dlc cuz of the jb and im afred if i update that traces of jb will ban me.

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    I'm closing this now as you are cross-posting and it was answered here:

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