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    BackHome Guest

    Exclamation Has anybody Jailbroken a 3.21 60GB Fat PS3 ?

    Have been trying to jailbreak a 3.21 Fat PS3, and it has been unsuccessful so far. The USB stick is the red one and it is flashed with the 3.21 JB payload.

    After doing the hard-off/hard-on/soft-on/eject tricks, the dongle turns green! But then, the screen remains blank. Sometimes, the animated screen comes, but it does not show the navigation menu!

    (Does JB work only if TV is connected via HDMI ?)

    And then, has anybody been lucky with jail breaking a 3.21 PS3 ??

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    TheShroomster Guest
    When i first JB mine it was on 3.15 and worked fine. I used a HTC DREAM Android phone though. i would suggest reflashing the dongle maybe something was corrupted. as for the video method i have had mine hooked up both ways and it worked great. And when you boot the ps3 make sure the blu ray drive is empty.

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    rlorenzo Guest
    I jailbroken my without any problems... maybe the problem is the dongle... could you try with another one? I suggest PSGroopic, isn't expensive and you can build it by yourself.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    sounds like a bad payload (check for a new one), why are you staying on 3.21FW, why not 3.41FW just asking?

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    try any of the dongles available... they are pretty good and cheap... and yours would be a faulty or outdated or mismatched payload... try another 3.21 fw payload... rep if i helped..!

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