guys, i just purchased socom confrontation mostly because of the headset and the HD audio feature. The headset is amazing really worth what sony asks for, so I decided to get the bundle for 60 bucks off walmart today. Even though Im completely happy with the headset the game is really a pain to get started.

I wasnt in version 2.50 yet because I spent the last week playing beyond good and evil on the pc and missed the update but lets face it its just a week old the update. I had to download and install, after that I popped in the bluray disk of socom just to find out that what you get is the installer you can buy off the playstation store, the almost 3gb installer thats what comes on the disk so after you Install it you will have to wait a while because its reading it from the bluray disk so WAIT

After you get to install the game you have to have the bluray disk inside the ps3 in order to play the game which is completly stupid as you dont need the disk there but I guess its an antipiracy method. After you start the game and are ready to go online and checkout the game you wont be able to get to the first menu as you will be prompted that an update is already ready for you to download, 12 hours after the release and theres already an update which by the way is 473 megas which takes a while and then you have to install.

After all this which takes HOURS literally you may have problems with database errors and whatnot. So anyone hows it going with your copy of socom? What do you think?