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    Sues Guest

    Are Guitar Hero 3 addons for PS3 sharable?

    So I had this weird idea and I apologize in advanced if this has already been asked. I searched but couldn't find an answer. Now I know you can share some PSN stuff with like 5 people. I also remember you can download PSN content with your PC.

    So if you have the files for the PS3 Guitar Hero 3 addon song packs (the ones that aren't free) on your computer could you distribute the files an infinite amount of times or are you still restricted to 5 active consoles? Are these files sharable at all?

    Hope this makes sense. Lol I just want free song packs for Guitar Hero.

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    TehDash Guest
    To my knowledge you can't do that, at least I've never seen it done before. Above all it'd be illegal.

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    Sues Guest
    Thank you TehDash for at least making an attempt to answer my questions. Ha ha, but I never thought I would see the day when someone has been shunt by a moderator saying something is illegal on these forums.

    Anyway I seek further insight. Anyone ever tried this? Do I need to spend $6 to find out? Cmon PSN sharing and Proxy are old news.

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    Apr 2005

    Red Face

    I think he means illegal to the point that we wouldn't allow sharing them here if it was more than "PSN" links, versus trying to judge/shunt you personally.

    I don't go online with my PS3, but are these add-ons available via the regular PSN Store where such links could be added to the STICKY? If so, then I don't mind them being posted there... assuming they work.

    Take the dive for the team, blow the $6 to find out and report back for us. Then I'll +Rep ya!

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    Sues Guest
    Now thats the type of response I was expecting.

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