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Thread: Guide to Ps3

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    psptops3 Guest

    Guide to Ps3

    Hello everybody

    I have just got my ps3 its a china one with firmware 2.17

    What i would like to know

    1/ can i use any region update file eg UK, USA to update
    2/How do you dump a blu ray disc just spent 300 pounds on discs so want to back them up
    3/ What Linux is the best for this

    Cheers thanks guys

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    Avanaboy Guest
    1) I dont know
    2) You can dump your original blueray with SAK , but you can't boot backups !
    3) Personally , I use Yellow Dog 6 , it is a very cool an speedy distro !

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    psptops3 Guest
    Thanks for a response

    could you tell me more about SAK

    Thank you

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    Apr 2005

    Red Face

    Check the PS3 SAK STICKY here... no sense for him to repeat 20+ pages of info


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