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Thread: gta4 save game not loading help?

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    kenshhin0814 Guest

    gta4 save game not loading help?


    i transferred my backup game gta4 from BM to OM. the game loads successfully but my save games failed to load

    pls help how to do this correctly.

    thanks in advance

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I don't know how to fix that, but there are some games that will not allow you to use existing savegames. for me it was Fallout 3 and Dragon Age Origins. DAO can't load the savegames because of I had DLC which must be re-installed (and I can't do that from FW 3.41)

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    kenshhin0814 Guest
    omg... i'm almost done with that game. i should have not migrated my game from BM to OM.

    any other remedies available for this?

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