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    GTA4 and GOW3 ps3break problem help?

    Hello, I have ps3break 1.1 (latest version 1.5b) and my Blu-ray doesn't works, I use gaia manager 1.02. My problem is that gta 4 (BLES00229) and god of war 3 (BCES00510) doesn't work (black screen for gta4 and error 80010017 for god of war 3). Thank you for your help. excuse me for my bad english i'm french

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    Do you launch it from internal or external disk?

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    I launch it from internal disk

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    Do a search for "80010017" in this forum, and you might find some answers.

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    i know this is the error for no blu ray disk inserted, but my blu ray ps3 player is out of service

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    As of right now, And maybe never. God Of War 3 does not work without Disc, Not sure about GTA 4 But my guess would be the same thing.

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    thank you for your help.

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