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Thread: gta4 euro version

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    luka0101 Guest

    gta4 euro version


    i am getting the euro version of gta4 imported to Australia. when i play it here will i still be able to play online here and verse friends that have the Australian edited version ??

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    Icewolf77 Guest
    Sure. PS3 Games don't have any region code setting, so there should be no problem to play them, even online.

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    Yeah, Im yet to get the game, but with every other game ive played (all my games are imported from the US to Aus), I've had no issues.

    Matchmaking also works in games such as cod4, as it works based on your closest matches.

    As far as Im aware, there are no games that lock you to their specific region for online play.

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