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Thread: GTA IV not working at all help?

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    Gr4v1ty Guest

    GTA IV not working at all help?

    So here is my problem, I went to my friend's house, took the game played on it a little bit. Then, when I decide to do the backup, everything worked like a charm. But now when I try and play the game it either:

    1) Stops on the loading screen (where it show the mission you are at)
    2) Keeps looping the images from the beginning till the music stops

    I delete the game data utiliyy (2.6GB) and reinstalled it one more time from the "backup". Because because at first, it downloaded 2 game data utilities, one from the original CD, and another one from the BACKUP

    But even after doing that it stops, and I can't do anything...

    Anyone can help me please, I want to give back the game to my friend.

    Thank you

    FW 3.55
    Multiman 1.16

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    hobbs Guest
    To play the backup of the game unfortunately it needs to be on an external source and then all should work perfectly and you won't get stuck in that loop anymore.

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    Gr4v1ty Guest
    And it is the only way to do this? If yes thank you, but I don't have any external right now. So let me just try before changing to solved.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    No it works both on Internal and External. Make sure there's a disc in the drive.

    Also, check if the game is about 5-6 GB, if any less you might be missing some files.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    delete the backup and box installation file of the game... then re rip the game... make sure you have bdemu.pkg installed... it should work..!!

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    Gr4v1ty Guest
    Hmm really weird, I think it's 10GB How come is it possible?

    And thanks, I'm gonna try the bdemu.pkg thing tomorow! But isn't it supposed to be included in the last multiMan?

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    Tek9 Guest
    No it is a separate pkg file you need to download, just do a search on the forums for BDEMU.pkg he took that part off of multiman for legal reasons.

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