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Thread: GTA IV Killed My PS3

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    djnate27 Guest

    GTA IV Killed My PS3

    Not the whole unit. Actually just the Blu-Ray disc player died.

    I purchased my PS3 a few days before GTA IV launched and it's the only game I have so it stays in the unit. I haven't played the game that much. I'm about 20% through the story mode and I have probably played online just as much.

    Anyway, was playing online yesterday when I received one of those "one or more players disconnected" errors and the story mode boots back up. I press up to engage Niko's phone again and he pulls it out but the phone display on the right doesn't come up! At this point none of the buttons work and I have to turn the PS3 off. When I turn it back on, it doesn't recognize the disc. I take it out and try others to no avail.

    I bought mine at WalMart so I boxed it back up, ignored the sign on the box that says contact $ony and don't return the unit to the store and I got me an exchange unit.

    However, I forgot to backup my game & system saves so I'm starting GTA over from the beginning.

    Anyone else have their blu-ray player die? Did you let $ony fix it?

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    boutiredha Guest

    i am playing GTA 4 normaly, and didn't have a problem but if your bluray drive has been killed you can exchange it with sony if you have a guarantee

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    pacific808 Guest
    my blu-ray drive died but it was because I shut it down while it froze loading the COD4 online menu after the game ended. So mad cause my ps3 is past the one year mark and they want 150 dollars to fix it. That is like almost half the price of a new low end model.

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    dkp0h Guest

    GTA IV Killer

    Hello, i think that you have a 40GB PS3 Version, so maybe the Bluray Drive had a defect, the lense may be changing...

    Sorry to you...

    GTA IV poowaaaa


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    Avanaboy Guest
    Hi ,

    I think that the Bluray Drive had a defect ... Use your guarantee

    Sorry for my english

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    footylad Guest
    Yes thats bad that, GTA4 does push your console to its limits with graphics e.c.t.. and shows you the PS3 isn't indestructable lol

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    Gily Guest
    As people have said try and use your warranty to get it fixed. Shame it was on GTA IV though, still have to wait and play it.

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