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    JasonPurp Guest

    GTA: EFLC Intro Loop help?

    Your site has been a big help to me so far, and now I need some more help.

    I used to have a backup of GTA IV, and it worked great with MultiMAN. Now, I deleted it and whatever data I had from it and got a backup of Episodes From Liberty City. However, whenever I try to play a game, it loops the intro slides with a dim screen. Can anybody help me, please?! I'm patching it with MultiMAN before I launch it, by the way. Thanks!

    ALSO: The region is EU and I'm in US. However, that shouldn't be a problem to my understanding.

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    Realee Guest
    It's possible for the copy to miss bits. First suggestion would be to delete the game and re-copy it.

    Also payloads change a lot so it might be worth checking with another manager as well - can't hurt and you can delete the other managers after testing.

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    JasonPurp Guest
    Thanks for the reply. I was just about to give up. Now, is there a specific manager that you recommend? Or should I just try any of them? I'll try recopying tomorrow since it takes so long to do.

    I saw after searching that the game only works on external HDDs, but on this site's compatibility list, it says both.

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    cloud41269 Guest
    GTA games loop on v3.55 if played from internal they need to be loaded from external to install and play.

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    Realee Guest
    Doesn't hurt to try the external device either.

    I'd just try any other one. I use Gaia at home for no other reason than it's the first I downloaded. I've played with MultiMAN and what not after but I moved the pkg files before my last format of the PS3 so Gaia made it back on first

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    JasonPurp Guest
    Damn... I don't even have an external. Thanks, guys. I guess I need to buy something else now.

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