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    godscoper Guest

    GTA 5 disc won't load on CFW PS3 help?

    OK my gta 5 disc wont load on my CEX habib 4.60, I deleted original gta 5 folder that was on multiman by mistake. Getting black screen and cant exit, soon load up gta 5 from XMB
    I tried:
    • Adding files back dev_hdd0/ game/ BLUS1156 and USRDIR folder, ICON0.PNG, , PARAM.SFO, PS3LOGO.DAT, Inside USRDIR folder has EBOOT.BIN and update.RPF
    • My HDD drive working other game disc's work.
    • My gta 5 disc works on my other 2 ps3s so if not disc.
    • Tried format my ps3 hoping would fix it self, still nothing.
    • Won't let me copy disc to HDD because aborts half way or try that.
    • I'm using BLUS31156 disc US

    So don't know if missing original files for wont boot up or other reason. Any help be much, much appreciated.

    Uploaded my folders had gta 5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdm82noj3s...5%20folder.zip

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    misiozol Guest
    Delete all data from gta5 in games/gamez folder and installation data , try different file manager like iris manager etc. multiman have problems working on 4.60 , dump it again from BD-drive if this not helps instal back 4.55CFW.

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    godscoper Guest
    thank you worked!

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