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Thread: gta 4 or saint row 2

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    dmoney603 Guest

    Question gta 4 or saint row 2

    which one do u think will be better gta4 or saint row 2?

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    moguri90 Guest
    gta4 is better for me!! i like niko's character

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    Fonte0 Guest
    GTA IV!! I have it and the game is amazing. Niko caracter is amazing is funny and his one bad sob!

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    babsas Guest
    gta4 is definitely gunna be better than saints row 2.. saints row was always called a wanabe copy of gta.

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    Archican Guest
    GTA4... and if you're not old enough to get it you can "watch the scenery"

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    SiZMiK Guest
    Its hard to tell as SR2 aint out yet. GTA4 is amazing, and I expect SR2 to be just as good.

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    Eskobar Guest
    What a question, "GTA 4" rules them all! I never trust sequels to be good when they're sequels to bad games, and in my opinion "Saints Row" was a bad game, the whole style of it.. it seems very cheap! =/

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    mikecarroll667 Guest
    Personally, i love gta 4, its a great game and it never gets old.

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    SnooZ1984 Guest
    In my opinion GTA4 is better than SR2. First, I love GTA series, Second, the game is wonderful, and third, Niko is "good" guy!!

    So.... GTA4 WINS!!

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    umiker Guest
    gta iv for sure...

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