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Thread: GT5 PS3 DLC updates help?

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    itzbilly Guest

    GT5 PS3 DLC updates help?

    Hi guys.

    I put GT5 onto my PS3 a while back, when 3.55 was first hacked and allowed PS3s to run the GT5 while jailbroken.

    I haven't done any updates on GT5 since. I was wondering if I would be able to download any of the DLC and updates without losing the ability to play the game.

    Can anyone help me?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You can download and install updates if they're 3.55 or less. If the update is 3.55+ it will stop the game from working.

    To get DLC you will need PSN access, which you obviously don't have since you're on CFW.

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    itzbilly Guest
    But aren't there PKGs out there for the patches? And how do I know which ones are 3.55+ or not?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You can use a game updater which downloads the PKG files to your computer and tells you what firmware it is, or you can use multiMAN's game updater which also tell you what firmware the update is but after you download it.

    Game updater (for PC)

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I might not understand you correctly, but here is my take on your problem:

    It seems there is confusion between DLC and game updates. DLC generally are add-ons for for games to enable additional content to a game. This allows you to play additional "chapters" (for lack of a better word). Game updates are generally bug fixes, stability fixes, etc to allow for "smAoother" gameplay without adding anything extra to a game compared to what it is like hwne you purchased it.

    As a rule of thumb, you can not get DLC if you have a jailbroken PS3, but you should be able to get game updates in the form of PKG's.

    Hope this helps

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I remember seeing a Black Ops DLC for users on CFW before . You install it like any other .PKG file but you would also have to move an activation file to somewhere on your PS3s Internal HDD before you start the game every time.

    But other than that I don't think there are any other DLC available for CFW users.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I think you are right mate. I wanted to say "you don't get DLC for CFW" but I was not too sure - so I went with "rule of thumb". Thanks for confirming.

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    itzbilly Guest
    Yeah, I also saw DLC for Mafia 2 and that's why I'm asking. I believe the reason GT5 was able to be played in the first place was due to a game update, that's why I asked. Thanks for all the help!

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