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Thread: GT5: Prologue Spec II update links?

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    dh0 Guest

    GT5: Prologue Spec II update links?

    Hi all,

    is it possible to install GTP spec2 update using ps3proxy? is anyone have a links to this update?

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    carroll7 Guest
    not sure but i have a mclaren f1 on the second day i had that game lol

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    Luzifer42 Guest
    It sould be possible to update it through the proxy (with the files), but the update is about 400 MB and is split in 1MB files or so. And you have to start the game, be online and let it update itself.

    This means that it is easier to update it direcly from the network. Additionally, the game does cache every single 1MB file, so you can abort and resume later.

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    dh0 Guest
    yeah, but my internet connection here is so slow, it will take forewer to download it. thats why I need this links, to download it from another location.

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    coolman1234 Guest
    Did anyone try it out to see if it's working?

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    Nineball Guest
    What exactly does the update change or add?

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    Luzifer42 Guest
    Added calendar and clock to the main menu
    Added 2P replay
    Ability to disable ABS
    Access garage in event menu
    Free-race mode in online race and time-trials
    more online events

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