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Thread: GreenDay RockBand - How to make it work?

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    danking Guest

    GreenDay RockBand - How to make it work?

    GreenDay is 1 of my favorits bands, I got GH instruments and I tried 2 versions of GreenDay.RB and both black screen and freeze.

    I am using iphone 2g (first payload w\o hermes and peek&poke) obm 1.14

    Anyone sucsess to load this game?

    Please help =[

    Thanks a lot,

    btw, sorry about my bad english =\

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Man I had the same problem.

    You have to get this release, Green_Day_Rock_Band_USA_JB_PS3-MOVE

    it works fine !

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