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Thread: Great Introduction... Horrible circumstances

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    tiguy99 Guest

    Angry Great Introduction... Horrible circumstances

    Vent time....

    The other night I was in the middle of Ninja Gaiden Sigma and the system froze for the first time Mind you, I don't play my PS3 much maybe once a week for an hour or so. I keep it in a clean ventilated space 100% of the time and take very good care or all my stuff.

    Anyway, I ended up resetting the system from the front and then all was well again....for a while longer.

    I exit the game and get a message about the new 2.53 update being available. So I say what the heck, let me go ahead and update to 2.53.

    I hit yes to all the prompts and leave the system downloading and installing etc.

    Finally, I come to the room to check up on the install and it appears to have completed just fine.

    It was late and I headed off to bed without finishing my game. Then comes yesterday. I fire up the PS3 again so I can finally join my brotherern for some COD4 action and discover that my PS3 won't read ANY of my games.

    I try every Blue ray and DVD and audio CD I have.....nothing!

    Before the questions start, let me share my stats:

    -PS3 60GB model....

    -purchased used over the summer from someone locally (warranty expired)

    -never had any issues (overheat, fan etc)

    -always played games and movies well, never froze, stuttered etc

    -never had any erratic behavior.

    -All lights are normal (i.e blue light when you place discs in the drive)

    -NO yellow or red light or death!

    Please help. Sony want 150.00 to fix my system. I have a feeling that there may be another method I can try to get it to work again without having to send my system back. If this scenario has happened to you, what did you do to either rectify the situation or go about obtaining a new PS3? Did you end up sending it back or did you manage to repair it yourself?

    Thanks in advance

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    pacific808 Guest
    This happened to me and I just fixed mine and everything works fine now. What I did was I went over to and ordered a optical deck. This is basically a new laser and rail. This is because your laser diode was killed somehow. But I recommend getting the entire deck because its only 10 bucks more and you don't have to do any aligning.

    But this is if you or know someone good with electronics cause you need to take your ps3 apart which I think wasn't that difficult as long as you keep track off all your parts and stuff. (There are tutorials on taking a ps3 apart all over the net) But if you do order this part all you need to do is unscrew the old deck and unplug some of the cables and then put in your new deck.

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