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Thread: Grayscale game titles in Multiman help?

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    Hipmans Guest

    Grayscale game titles in Multiman help?

    Hi Guys,

    just a quick question. I noticed when copying games from internal hdd to usb hdd in Multiman, in XMMB, press triangle, select copy, it all works fine but after that the game titles are in grayscale.

    Anyone else have this or know how to fix it? Just a minor problem, game itsself runs just fine but I just can't figure out what causes this.

    Appreciate any help.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    If a game is in Grayscale it means there is a "_" in front of the title (ex: _BLUS12345) the "_" usually indicates the game is split and won't work. But since the game works you can go to the game folder and delete the "_" in front of it.

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    Hipmans Guest
    Yes that's it exactly. I didn't even notice that but the games I moved and now have grayscale are FF XIII, Tekken 6 and Uncharted 2 which all container +4gb files. I just set payload to hermes to load therefore I said they run fine. Well you solved another mystery for me, thanks a lot mate!

    Just one more thing, if I remove the '_' will the game still work? If you don't know I'll just give it a try. Many thanks!

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