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    Frago Guest

    Gran Turismo 5 Save Data help?

    Hi guys, i have a problem i was having a ps3 with a save data from a gt5 game but it was faulty with ylod and i sent it to sony and they sent to me a another ps3 and when i copy the save from the old ps3 to the new it says to me save data from another user can't be loaded please delete it to continue.

    what can i do to unlock the save data from my old ps3? sorry for the bad english...

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    zac2k4 Guest

    ps3 save unlocker

    Use the ps3 Save Unlocker found here : http://www.ps4news.com/forums/downlo...o=file&id=5043

    Backup that save Data from your old ps3 and Put it on the computer, Make a new Gt5 save data and Use this program, Load your PARAM from the new File and load under Other Param the param from the other file. Try with and without copying console id. Or your can just update Gt5 to the lastest update, i heard that the saves are now decrypted.

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    elser1 Guest
    didn't you use the same psn id and user name..

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    Boo1974 Guest
    I had a similar problem with Killzone 3 save data. When I activated my new machine (under account management on the ps3 xmb) it solved the problem. That game save unlocker works too, I can confirm that gt5 definately works using that method. Its a bit weird when you copy it over. After unlocking I copied it to my ps3, the file appeared in my ps3 game save data but included none of my unlocks.

    When I started the game it loaded in with everything intact. After quiting tthe game I looked at the file again on my xmb and it included all the unlocks. Maybe the game itself fills in some blanks that the game save unlocker cant quite achieve.

    The post earlier about the gt5 update that lets you copy the file only seems to let you copy to usb, it still wouldnt load for me when the game loaded up. It may be due to some id issues on my old machine. I was copying from a cfw system to an ofw system.

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