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    moose579 Guest

    Gran Turismo 5 help?

    is it possible to put the gran turismo 5 demo on the JB ps3? what i mean is if i could find a torrent of it would it still play ok?

    as now it's impossible to download from psn

  2. #2
    darthsnake Guest
    what demo? if you are talking about Prologue then it's already there.

  3. #3
    moose579 Guest
    no there is a gran turismo 5 demo, the new game thats being held back, it only 1 track with 1 car.. it to try and get a best lap time thats all. i know you have to send the lap times in by internet but i just want to play this new demo.

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    Studs Guest
    Do you mean the GT5 nissan time trail demo that was on P$N?

  5. #5
    darthsnake Guest
    it will be diffcult to get that up and running and it isn't new, its an year old.

    it released last december for GT academy.

  6. #6
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Gran Turismo 5 Demo ?

    Scam ! P2P and Torrent... try to find a trustworthy source.

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