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Thread: Gran Turismo 5 Black Screen in multiMAN help?

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    Raypro Guest

    Gran Turismo 5 Black Screen in multiMAN help?

    I ftp'd the DComics version of Gran Turismo 5 to my internal HD and mounted with latest multiman and firmware 3.55. When I load the game it asked to update it which I didn't since that requires higher firmware but after that I just get a black screen and game doesn't load. I also tried updating game to 1.09.

    Any ideas?

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    KICKinYaFACE Guest
    buy the game

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    Vorlone Guest

    GT5 donīt work

    Hey, the most of the GT5 Images are splitted files, its mean that files are bigger than 4 Gigs is splitted to use with an external Drive with Fat32 format.

    To play you must repack this files with BUM (like Multiman or Roger), or you use a PC tool like OpenSplitter or so.

    GT5 have one big file over 13 Gig named GT.VOL.

    Hope its works!

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    Raypro Guest
    Damn, that just might be the prob. I did split the file as I normally do since I normally put games on my external but this time I put GT5 on internal, so don't know why I bothered splitting in the first place. How do I merge the file in Multiman now? I know normally when I go to mount the game, it does it automatically but this time it doesn't.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Copy the split game from your internal HDD to your external HDD and then copy it back to your internal HDD using multiMAN and the split files should automatically join.

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    altair80 Guest
    you must substitute the eboot bin with the original eboot.bin and will it work of course!!

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    lindwurm Guest
    Yes that's right, use your fat32 external hdd to copy a game into internal HDD and let backup manager do the work for you, although it's not a simple way like ftp but it's an easy way if you don't know the game have a big file... and use patch option in multiman to play gt5

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