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    gurpreet Guest

    Gran Turismino 5 Update help?

    I have a ps3 on version 3.50, and i am eagerly awaiting the CFW. However, I bought Gran Turismo 5 the day it came out and have been playing it everyday since. My problem is that the new update is required to play (1.03 - Mechanical damage patch), but to get that I have to go online through the PS3 Network, which requires me to update to 3.55. Maybe it is just my PS3... But has anyone got any ideas? I don't play GT5 online yet so that's not a problem. I've looked around and cant find a download link for the 1.03 patch for GT5.

    Any ideas how to bypass this?

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    cackalack Guest
    you shouldn't have to sign in the network for game update as long as the console is connected to internet it should download game patch no problem, plus if you're not playing online theres no need to update the game anyway just press cancel and let the game load as normal

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