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Thread: GOW3 BCUS98111 not working here help?

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    kenshhin0814 Guest

    GOW3 BCUS98111 not working here help?

    hi everyone,

    i just backup my gow3 BR using BM1.0, backin up went smoothly but its not loading up. the screen just goes black nad back to xmb, tried doin it via OM1.14.. but it keeps on failing.

    am i missing something? pls help a noob

    thanks in advance

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    EiKii Guest
    Do you have a disc in drive? i think its needed, mine works fine so it should be compitable,

    Please state if its internal/external and what payload etc you are using when asking for help, it makes it so much easier for people to help then, Thanks in advance

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    kenshhin0814 Guest

    i got a BR game in drive, i'm running it via internal HD and i'm still using hermes v2 payload.


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    EiKii Guest
    hmm then it should work no problem mine run fine of internal.

    But i have noticed some games works with some managers and some don't, did you install any update or similar?

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    kenshhin0814 Guest
    hmm... i'm downloading a EUR version now.. BCES00516 lemme check if this one loads OK

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    koolpre Guest


    Are you using same BlueRay disk of GOW3 to play the game in the internal hard drive? I had to same problem with Uncharted 2 and had to use a different BR to play the game on the hard drive.

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    kamenrider Guest
    hermes v2 was unstable. try hermes v1 or v3.

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