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Thread: Got a weird PSN message today, have a few questions

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    urbanracer34 Guest

    Question Got a weird PSN message today, have a few questions

    I fired up my PS3 today, and there was a message waiting for me along with a friend request (which of course I denied, not knowing the person).

    It was from some guy called "A23mjmada3", so I checked my "players met" list. Not there. IDK how he found out my PSN, as I keep it VERY hush-hush.

    But the message that he sent me was just weird (to me at least):

    "PS3 are releasing MW2 betas to all people who send this message on to 50 people on their friends list this has been changed from 10 to 50 as there if limited beta keys that can be handed out at less people will pass it on to 50 people. The beta keys are given out on 21st oct. These messages are tracked by the PSN moderators."

    What is MW2? The only betas I know of that are public are MAG and ModNation Racers.
    Who is A23mjmada3?
    Is he a Mod, Admin, or possibly a Employee of Sony?
    Are these messages really being tracked by the mods?
    Should I report him and this message? and How would I do that?
    Will there be any repercussions if I don't pass it on? (I don't know 50 players)

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    It sounds like PSN spam to me... I actually have read that it's getting quite bad lately.

    Of course I don't use PSN myself, so I have no first-hand experience with it... but there are many articles and posts on sites like N4G complaining about it recently.

    If it was me I'd probably report it since you don't know the sender, though how to go about that I don't know. Others?

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    MexN00B Guest
    MW2 = Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    The developers of MW2 said somewhere that there will only be a beta version of the game for the Xbox 360 not for the PS3, just what they did with Call of Duty 4.

    This is just spam.. just add that person to your ignore list and if more spam keeps coming then you can report something here: there's a link for PSN customer service there somewhere where you can send them an email about it.

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    urbanracer34 Guest
    Thanks for the responses guys! I'll block him the next time I get my PS3 out of Linux.

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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    Actaully, Infinity Ward has stated specifically that there is no planned beta for MW2 (in other words there will be no beta for Modern Warfare 2).

    P.S. The spam issue has really started to spread after a poster/flyer someone posted on the internet saying something about Modern Warfare 2 and free demos, and the like. I can't find the poster, but one of my friends sent me it, after I sent him the message asking if he knew anything about it.

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    godsgift1888 Guest
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is just spam thats going around i have been blocking users who are doing it as it is just pointless to say the least.

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    This is from semitope, via Profile message to me:
    I think it should be said that the thing spreads through the noobness of the people who receive it.

    I think its important to know that so ppl dont just block anyone who sends it to them because the message tells anyone who receives it to pass it on.
    That being said, we have enough replies of the same type on this subject so I'm closing it.

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