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    djpelle Guest

    Got problems with my DEX PS3 help?

    Hi everyone,

    hope that here is someone who can help me with my problems.

    1st since Saturday the SN Targetmanager shows my DEX only as unknown device. I'd loaded on Saturday an fself in the debugger and after the restart in the debugging mode the pc and dex lost the connection to each other. DEX hangs in Debugging Mode. After a few restarts and the system restore option the dex is back in normal mode but still cant connect 2 pc again??

    2nd problem i've got is that i try to run the dump_flash.pkg on the dex. I'd ungpkg'ed the pkg; unselfed the bin and then i made an fself of it... but i cant get them in an package back that run on the dex. everytime after the install process comes an error message. Where is the point where i'd made the mistake in the process?


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    cfwprophet Guest
    You dont need to fself the dump_flash.pkg but first you need to use the right sdk. So if you have 3.55 fw on your ps3 dont use the sdk 3.60 or higher. Try to use a sdk that match your fw version. But to get dump_flash.pkg running just do a npdrm EBOOT.BIN and pkg of it.

    About TM i dont know. Have done similiar things with some one other on his dex. But i guess that some option need to be restored to get the TM running again.

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    djpelle Guest
    Okay i will test that. THX for your answer

    EDIT: Okay the dump_flash.pkg work. Oh man im such an idiot LOL I'd downgraded my fw from 4.10 to 3.55 with the downgrader pup, installed the pkg and it works Sometimes the solution is soooo easy.

    But my main problem is still there. I used the fixps3flash self, because i thought i have a prob with my flash, still the same. TM finds my dex but still as unknown so that i cant use it

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