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    Question [UnAnswered] Good PS3 games

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    any good PS3 games to recommend?

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    cant go wrong with games like gta4/cod4 (if you dont have it on the pc or cant run it on the pc)

    also, as a beat-em-up nut id pick virtua fighter 5 for myself, i tried it for a few mins at the local gameshop and it gave me goosebumps of joy

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    resistance is a pretty good title too if you want bloody shot games.

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    the Simpsons is a good one

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    Resistance is awesome. It's got the best multiplayer PERIOD. I like it better than Halo 3 and I have played both for lenghtly amounts.

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    GTA 4 is the best game!! i would go with that

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    GTA4 of course, but MotorStorm comes a distant second. Check it out it is an incredibly rewarding racing game. A lot of hours worth of fun and things to unlock.

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    For me, without shadow of a doubt, Uncharted is the best ps3 game at the moment.

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    Uncharted, GTA4, COD4, Burnout Paradise.

    I enjoyed Assassins Creed, but it got VERY repetitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattwo View Post
    the Simpsons is a good one
    you got to be kidding me, look if you're really look for good ps3 games, look for the exclusives. yeah cod4 and gta4 are good games, but the exclusives are the ones you should buy because sony puts more work into them.


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