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    hongman Guest

    Going from PSJB Clone to X3Max help?

    Hi all

    I have just ordered myself a X3MAX key to replace my PS Jailbreak clone which is not updateable without soldering etc.

    I assume the X3 will come blank, and I've never gone through the PSGroove install process before. Did a search, couldn't find a tut/guide.

    I am very unfamiliar with what should be loaded on it, apart from the fact that PSGroove needs to be. What is Hermes? Do I need it? Payloads?

    Will my current backup managers stay put? Games on internal HDD will not be affected just by swapping JBD right?



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    severusx Guest
    The payload you choose is really up to you. There are two major types: PL3 and Hermes. Both are variants of PSGroove. I personally use Hermes 4b, but PL3 works just as well.

    To update your x3max, you will need to download the updater tool from their website. They have instructions there that will walk you through the process. Check this thread for Hermes payloads: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...al-115125.html

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    hongman Guest
    Oh I see, I did not realise they were variants of the actual PSGroove. Am I right in thinking then that you load EITHER PSGroove OR Hermes OR PL3?

    Which one of those hermes payloads should I use? There's a load of files haha.

    +rep btw, you are helping me on all my nooby questions

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    severusx Guest
    No problem, everyone has to start learning somewhere.

    You will load one of them, but I would recommend either PL3 or Hermes v4. The original PSGroove has not been updated in a while.

    As for which payload, I looked at their website and apparently you can use their loader tool with any hex. The readme states that you can load the generic bin that is included in the download and then load any hex you want. I would grab the "multiboard" file from the post above and then load the hex for a Teensy.

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    hongman Guest
    Thank you

    I think Im going to use Hermes, as it seems ever so slightly more popular.

    So with X3max, Hermes 4b + MultiMan or Open Manager - is this a pretty solid combination for the decent compatibility of games?

    The whole reason for me doing this is becuase my clone right now is experiencing issues playing games others have reported as working fine, and its annoying I cant update it

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