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Thread: Going online after jailbreak used. will this work?

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    dragonsan Guest

    Going online after jailbreak used. will this work?


    so as much as i heard that sony can detect the backup manager if i go online.

    if i take out the hard drive. format it. put it back to the ps3 let it format the drive itself reinstall 3.41. can sony still detect that i used the jig? or the backup manager. or any log remains. or if i format the drive first with my pc and then let the ps3 format it. so something like this would work?

    and did anything happened yet someone who has gone online with the jig ? got banned etc?


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    It hasn't happened yet, but most people aren't taking the chance as Sony can detect if a PS3 has used the backup manager primarily due to its "LAUN12345" Title ID.

    There is an ongoing and detailed thread HERE all about this and includes possible work-arounds.

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    dragonsan Guest
    yup but its not the answer for my primary question. that if i wipe off all data with a format from my hard drive (deleting the backup manager with it), then can i go online without detecting getting banned.

    2 idea.

    make a homebrew program that can change the backup manager s id for the actual game u wanna play. so if you wanna play dunno wall-e then you change the backup managers id with another program to wall-e s id.

    or make a homebrew program that can erase backup manager from the system

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    CJPC Guest
    Not totally - two fold.

    One, the PS3 has more logs than just what is stored on the HDD - that's the big one.

    Two, its all guesswork right now until someone gets banned. Assuming that those logs do not log the JIG access attempts (which, they may mind you), and your console is totally disconnected (wire removed) from the network - then yeah, you should be fine. However, you run the chance that that is also not the case.

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