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    God of War Collection PS3 Jailbreak Problem help?


    I have a big problem with GoW collection. My problem is, that when i start GoW Collection I come only to the title screen, where i can choose to play GoW 1 or Gow 2. After i selected one of these games i do not get to the place whre i can choose the difficulty level, because a black screen arise.

    I tried it with the following Manager: Open Managar v 2.1, Backup Manager v 1.1, Gaia Managrr v 1.41

    I use the E3 Reader and tested it with the original PS3 Jailbreak Stick too but the results were the same. I copied the game from the extern to the intern but with no better result.

    I hope somebody can help me.


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    have you tried this with an original disc in? i know you need this for god of war 3.

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    Kindly visit the Games Compatibility List for more information about the game.

    I believe GoW Collection is partially playable with some issues on certain stage. But, I'm sure it will be fully playable in the near future with all the developments happening in the PS3 scene. Good luck!

    Check out the Games Compatibility List for more information on the game you want to play, in this case GoW Collection.

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