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    God of War collection ERROR help?

    Hello. I fallowed this tutorial to make games with 4gb+ files to work on extern hdd

    I make all perfect with God of War Collection (USA version), I load the game from back-up manager v2, I enter in game (i tried with disc and without, the same problem), I choose the God of War 1 (for ex) and I get a screen which says: Prior to play see the WARNING section in the instructions manual included with your ps3 system. Then it completly freezes. I need to restart it the hard way. The ps button doesn't work, not even the power button... What is the problem?? Thank you very much!

    I tried now the same tutorial on Killzone 2, but i get a black screen and completly freeze... Need to turn off the ps3 from power button.

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    dude! yesterday i had exactlly the same problem, and i followed the same tutorial, so i figured that GOW doesn't like that method. so i tried OpenSPLIT V 1.2.

    you point it to the GOW folder and it splits the big parts for you, and rename the folder, so you know which one t is. you have to use open backup manager to transfer it to internal hdd and it will join the files back together. this way my problem was solved, hope yours will be also

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    Yes i can confirm thats the best method for split Files. It will Just rename your BLESxxx Folder into _BLESxxx Folder.

    Just copy that Folder onto your external, then like xkriskross said to internal via BM.

    Greets Modmate

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