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Thread: God of War (37gb) with a 32gb usb stick help?

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    yoyoma Guest

    God of War (37gb) with a 32gb usb stick help?

    i'm trying to transfer god of war to my ps3 like i usually do through a 32gb usb stick, problem is that the game is 37gb. i've already deleted a few of the languages i don't need but it's still around 36gb.. is there anything else i can delete?

    does anyone know a way i can get this working without having to buy a bigger usb stick/external hd? is there any other way?? please help, thanks.

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    sambo71 Guest
    as stated in earlier posts on another thread:

    Start there and read forward:

    but basically you have to edit the ARCHIVE and LOCALIZED ARCHIVE text files to remove the text of the files you delete. also change the number at the top of these text files to reflect the number of files listed after you deleted the ones you dont want / need.

    i ripped a US copy from a friend, which had several languages other than english, but different from the EU Duplex realese , deleted all languages except english, the 2 EXTRASCIN files, and all multiplayer files and languages.

    edited the text files to show the correct number and names of ONLY the files i kept, and it worked great ! was also only 20.1 GB ... hope this helps ya.

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