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Thread: God of war 3 PS3 discless help?

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    adeeb222 Guest

    Exclamation God of war 3 PS3 discless help?

    Ok I had saw that it doesn't work discless but there might be a way plz tell and I don't want to convert to dex or rex my current firmware is rogero 4.50 v1.0.1

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    Liongooder Guest
    Install the latest Multiman, it supports a lot of disc required games & play,em discless though i never tried it on GOW3 but i remember Driver San francisco was giving a black screen without a disc until i updated to the latest multiman & if it doesn't work try IrisManager it plays almost every BD game discless.

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    adeeb222 Guest
    I have tried multiman and game

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    Liongooder Guest
    Use IrisManager

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    adeeb222 Guest
    Will it work using it?

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