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    Exclamation [UnAnswered] Glitches on the screen

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    I got my PS3 on the 23rd (euro-version) I connected it using HDMI cable. My PS3 is running firmware 1.5. My TV supports 1080i and 16:9

    My problem now is: I have blinking lines (very small ones) on my screen. They appear irregulary on switching locations on the screen. They appear when viewing photos or surfing the web.

    What could it be? My TV is fine with any other device. Does anyone else have these problems?

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    I would 1st off check your HDMI cable, make sure nothing is loose

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    Checked it twice. The very frightening fact: If I switch pictures fast (in picture viewing mode) the bogus lines get more. It's the same withe the webbrowser: Switch sites fast -> more lines

    So it couldn't be the cable, could it? The lines are only 2 pixels high but 4 to 8 cm long... it's really strange.

    Help anyone?

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    Maybe your TV has a bad deinterlace processor...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dibdo View Post
    Maybe your TV has a bad deinterlace processor...
    Would the TV then react the same way if I use for example a Wii withan RGB Cable? Because I have one on the RGB port of my TV. And I don't have problems with that port.

    So does HDMI and RGB Port use the same processor?

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    you can try turn off all other cables like cable TV... maybe. however, how you wrote above, this dont looks like PS problem. you can try plug PS3 to different TV too.

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    If the problem was in the TV itself you'd see it on more than just your PS3, unless of course it's just something you've not noticed in other situations....though from what you explain it sounds like you'd have noticed it before if it was there.

    That leaves the PS3, the cable, or the power supply. I really have no idea if the PS3 could cause this or not, but an easy way to find out is to hook the PS3 up with the cables that came with it and see if it's there. If it is then it's possible it's the PS3.

    It could be a bad HDMI cable though, have you used that cable with anything else? Any problems?

    Power being back fed due to a cheap and/or malfunctioning equipment ([ie] wall outlet / power bar/ outlet adaptor / bad ground in TV or PS3) can cause strange issues as well. Try plugging the PS3 in somewhere else, a wall outlet preferably as opposed to a power bar/outlet adaptor.

    Like previously mentioned if you can take your exact same setup and try it on another TV that will also help point you in the direction of the cause.

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    I found out what's defective now:

    It's the TV.

    I connected the PS3 with the same cable to another TV (my parents got the same) and there were no glitches.
    So it really seems to be the TV.



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