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Thread: Ghosting/Cloning a PS3 HDD - Does It Work..?

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    Deviouz Guest

    Ghosting/Cloning a PS3 HDD - Does It Work..?

    Has anyone tried the method to ghost/clone their old PS3 HDD onto a larger sized HDD and had any success in doing it..?

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    modmate Guest

    I would prefer this easy Guide. Done it myself before with this one:

    Greets Modmate

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Not sure if its possible at this time as we have no way to format the extra space on new drive,I think If we clone a small drive onto a bigger one we would not have a partition table for the extra space, even if it would read it in first place there would still be same sized partition.PS3 would have no way to format the extra space that you would gain as you cant do a partial format or expand cloned partition due to HDD encryption.

    Im not even sure that if you cloned a drive of the same size it would work, someone else might be able to answer that as im sure its been tried?

    Im hoping a homebrew tool is released that can format externel drive in the same format as internal, Must be possible as ps3 can read this format so must be possible somehow.If we could remove the layer of encryption that would be sweet.

    P.S I know you can have lots of hard drives formatted internally and swap between them without issue, Those Muppets at ps3-hacks tried to tell me its not possible, they are complete ejits over there , cant stand em!! used to visit there for psp-stuff years ago but they actually have nothing going on, really boring and full of inaccurate info.

    I know its possible because I used to have one drive set up for zerogame and one for all my PSN content but they wouldnt believe me because powerslave said it wasnt possible!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    This guide is year and half old so it depends if Sony have introduced any new protective measures since then. I'm also not sure if this will automatically "expand" the usable space if the new hard drive is larger. Also - I'd say you can achieve exactly the same resuslt by simply creating the exact image copy of the hard drive in the linux.

    Technically - I see not much (if even any) benefits comparing to simple and readilly available Backup / Restore features directly built in PS3s firmware.

    There was also introduces a new security feature which will require you now after replacing the hard drive in PS3 to re-activate all online content by loging into PSN again (this is definitelly case with using the standard Backup / Restore function) but I can't confirm if this "forensic" copy will be a workaround for that - but I doubt that as it seem that PS3 is now using the hard drive serial number to recognize the "correct" one.

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    modmate Guest
    So what about backing up your Ps3 data to external , put new hdd into your ps3 and format it , then restore your backed up data?

    Shouldn`t this work already?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Think purchased content may need to be reactivated in that situation , not sure though! Think that is why he is asking about cloning, so he can save his protected uncopyable content such as saves and possibly games.

    Does anyone know if full PSN games will still be activated after restoring a backup to a new drive?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Them instructions from gamespot are completly stupid Talk about making things akward, Imagine a 500GB drive (it would need to have 15x32GB partitions,lol ). cant believe they dont mention that there are plenty of free tools out there that will format any size drive in FAT32 format. I've done a 2TB raid drive before!

    I've attached a good simple one incase anyone has had this problem - fat32format.

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